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Switch For Xtra


Due to KPDNKK regulation which prohibits any promotions that is tied to RON95, PETRONAS DAGANGAN wanted a strategy that would still fulfill their sales demand for PRIMAX 95.

With a target of a 7% increase in sales, and not being allowed to use carrots such as cash, cars, expensive holidays or sought after gadgets, we were tasked to keep the less informed consumer engaged and interested with the brand on a whole new platform. The communication solutions need to be fresh, innovative, aspiring and able reach the target markets on every touch points possible.



The data revealed that 60% motorists were PETRONAS users with 2/3 of them are committed. FRom those there were quite a few that showed to loyalty to the brand. Qualitative research revealed that most consumers thought that it was a myth that some cars could not use Primax 95 Xtra (i.e., BMW/European cars and Honda/Japanese cars). Those that new of it were not fully convinced with the benefits of using Primax 95 Xtra.



'Switch for Xtra' was the call-to-action campaign to drive consumers to the fuel stations. It educated the end benefit which was more performance and savings, as well highlighting the technological benefits since its formulated through F1 technology.

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