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Creating a Platform to

Champion Traveller Rights

#Project 1


Travel Can Be Easy

Post pandemic, people started enjoying the new profound freedom to travel in and out of the country. However, it has brought about a new problem – crowded airports, delayed flights, flight cancellations, lost baggage, and just unhappy customers.


Create the FlySmart App with a focus to educate and empower travellers to exercise their rights by making a complaint to MAVCOM if they didn’t receive a satisfactory outcome from airlines or airports. Allowing traveller to be in control of their travel issues.


The campaign simply shared consumers being in control of their travel issues with the FlySmart App. The campaign was expanded across social platforms and Google Display Network. The adoption was 400% more that what was forecasted as a KPI initially. 

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Driving Recall to be a Leading Online Car Marketplace


CarYouSell Carousell

Most consumers only think of Carousell when they in need to sell or buy tech, household, or clothing items. We needed people to think about Carousell when they needed to sell a car.

Whatever the reason to sell, you can sell it for sure via Carousell. The advantage was in the name itself. Hence the idea, ‘CarYouSell, Carousell.’ needed to be embedded in the consumers mind. A colloquial way of driving an instant link between someone who wants to sell their car and the brand.


Carousell experienced a brand lift of 10%


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